Measuring and Dimensions

12/02/2016, by Kurt, in Blog, 0 comments

There are several common practices and theories about who on a design job is responsible for measuring for quantities and sizes from tile to fabric.  I recently ran into this again on a job that requires a lot of wall-to-wall carpeting and draperies.  My practice has always been to rely on and make responsible the vendor or contractor doing toe work, fabrication or installation.  In the case of the new carpet, three vendors were called in to bid the job.  The yardage required by one vendor was dozens of yards more than another quote.  This alarmed the client.  She then took it upon herself to measure the room, and found that the lower yardage quote was more accurate – this ended up saving her thousands of dollars is the cost of the carpet.  It also calls into question the accuracy and honesty of the vendor.  My advice:  always get several quotes, check the numbers thoroughly, and don’t be afraid to make you own on-site calculations.